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Campaigns and events

Children Spent an amazing time at Legoland Dubai

  • United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
  • 15 April 2017
  • 20 Toys
  • Dubai

Witnessing children enjoy Legoland Dubai was just priceless! We had a marvelous time with some amazing kids in collaboration with UAE Red Crescent and sponsored by Dubai Parks and Resorts and Limelight. The children also received some great toys from the Early Learning Centre.
Thank you for our partners for making this joyful day possible.

100,000 Smiles Campaign Gathers over 20,000 Toys in Collaboration with ELC

  • United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
  • 11 March 2017
  • 20000 Toys
  • Dubai

We couldn’t ask for a better partner! Not only does Early Learning Centre ME share our belief in the great value of play to a child, but they also contributed so much to one of our biggest campaigns so far! ELC opened its branches to collecting toys since June 2016. The collected toys were organized by a group of our volunteers in Dubai. Ready to be sent to a refugee camp in collaboration with the UAE Red Crescent. ELC campaign is still running and aims to keep collecting more toys to reach its goal of 100,000 smiles. Help us to achieve it. Check 'Donate A Toy' page for more information.

From Spain to Jordan with Love

  • Jordan Jordan
  • 25 November 2016
  • 4000 Toys
  • Marka & Zaatari

We have visited the Syrian camps in the areas of Marka and Zaatari, where we distributed four thousand new toys - which flew from Spain to draw a smile on the children's faces. We thank "Crecer Jugando" foundation, 'Innova Y Comunica' agency and the Spanish embassy in Amman for their contributions and support.

Year of Reading - Books Donation

  • United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
  • 06 October 2016
  • 1000 Toys
  • Abu Dhabi & Dubai

In line with 2016 being declared the Year of Reading in the UAE, we invited people to support the #Donate2Read initiative in collaboration with Takatof part of Emirates Foundation & Toys With Wings
Through the Takatof Van, this initiative aimed at exchanging used toys with new books to encourage kids to read.
The collected toys were then given to ELC as part of 100.000 Smiles campaign.

Amazing Efforts in Madrid for Syrian Children

  • Spain Spain
  • 01 October 2016
  • 2000 Toys
  • Madrid

Our chapter in Madrid has successfully collected hundreds toys during our campaign in the Spanish capital in collaboration with "Viajes A Medida', that we donated to the AAPS a great NGO that helps and supports the Syrian people.
We highly appreciate their support for distributing the toys to the Syrian children in Spain and inside Syria.
We thank our volunteers Ikram, Mayte and Cristina for their continuous efforts handling our chapter in Madrid.

Fun-filled activities for orphans in Dubai

  • United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
  • 20 November 2015
  • 500 Toys
  • Dubai

We have organized in Dubai a day full of fun activities for the orphans and needy children in collaboration with the UAE Red Crescent.
The day was fully organized by the Dubai TV presenter Maya Hojeij with the help of her friends and their kids.
We would like to thank our sponsors for offering free gifts to the kids and their mothers.

A Special visit to an Orphanage in Morocco

  • Morocco Morocco
  • 11 November 2015
  • 1000 Toys
  • Marrakech

We spent an amazing day during our campaign in Marrakesh, Morocco where we distributed hundreds of toys to orphans donated by the 'Knowledge and Human Development Authority' (KHDA) in Dubai.
KHDA has collected toys for this campaign during four days at their premises in Dubai as part of their monthly charitable initiative 'Giving Thursday'.
We would like to thank Emirates Airline for their support to ship the toys all the way to Morocco.

Our First Campaign in Belgium

  • Belgium Belgium
  • 19 October 2015
  • 1000 Toys
  • Antwerp

A team of amazing volunteers had launched the first campaign of collecting toys in Belgium for Syrian refugee children and it was a great success!

Spreading Smiles at AlDuheisha Refugee Camp in Bethlehem

  • Palestine Palestine
  • 09 October 2015
  • 2000 Toys
  • Bethlehem

We have organized an eventful day for AlDuheisha Refugee Camp children and Doha area in Bethlehem, Palestine that included several activities. 'Fadi', the clown, was able to spread happiness among the children with fun activities and of course we didn't forget to distribute the toys among the children. We thank everyone who was part of this campaign in Palestine, especially the volunteers who organized this day for children who need the fun, hope, and smile.

We Paid A Visit Dubai School for Orphans

  • United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
  • 08 October 2015
  • 1000 Toys
  • Dubai

In collaboration with the UAE Red Crescent and Chuck E. Cheese UAE, Toys With Wings was able to successfully distribute 1000 toys to underprivileged children including orphans in "Bilal Ben Rabah" school in Dubai. We had special help from the Chuck E. Cheese characters who played with the children and joined us to distribute the toys.

Meeting the Children of Gaza Camp Brought Us So Much Joy!

  • Jordan Jordan
  • 08 October 2015
  • 4000 Toys
  • Jerash

We have recently been on several visits to Jordanian refugee camps including a campaign at Gaza Camp in Jerash where we distributed thousands of toys with the help of many volunteers and the support of UNRWA and UNHCR.

Toys With Wings Volunteers in Saudi Arabia Visit Children's Hospitals

  • Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
  • 06 October 2015
  • 500 Toys
  • Jeddah

Our volunteers in Saudi Arabia have gathered hundreds of toys and surprised hospitalized children in the city of Jeddah.

Thousands of Toys Distributed in Our First Iraq Campaign

  • Iraq Iraq
  • 13 August 2015
  • 1000 Toys
  • Baghdad

In collaboration with Al Ayn Social Care Foundation, our volunteers in London managed to collect hundreds of toys that have been distributed to the displaced Iraqi children in different areas of the country.

We reached Africa to draw more smiles!

  • Kenya Kenya
  • 07 August 2015
  • 500 Toys
  • Baringo County

Our wings have reached Kenya thanks to 'Bamba Project' and 'Ameditravel' both Spain based. We have contributed to the mission of Alejandro Navarro who flew to Kabarnet village in Kenya to distribute school material at the orphanage of the village and also to teach the kids mathematics and English. He even planted trees!
We thank Alejandro for allowing Toys With Wings to be part of this beautiful experience.

Celebrating Eid with 4,000 Syrian Children in Zarqa

  • Jordan Jordan
  • 17 July 2015
  • 4000 Toys
  • Zarqa

We are gratefully announcing that your generous donations at our charity Suhour in Dubai this Ramadan have reached the amount of 100,000 Dirhams. This amount allowed us to provide Eid clothing for 4000 kids at Mrejib Al Fhoud refugee camp, founded by the UAE Red Crescent in Zarqa city north of Jordan.
We thank every single person who supported our charity Suhour & donated to participate in making 4,000 kids happy this Eid.

The First Charity Suhour for Toys With Wings

  • United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
  • 15 July 2015
  • 5000 Toys
  • Dubai

250 people attended the first charity Suhour organized by Toys With Wings, with proceeds going to provide Eid clothing for the Syrian refugees in the UAE Red Crescent camp in Zarqa city, north of Jordan and the orphans in the UAE.
MBC Amal have contributed to a donation of 10.000$ which was proclaimed by MBC Group CEO Sam Barnett and Mariam Farag head of CSR at MBC group.
The official song of Toys With Wings has been launched for the first time during the event. 'Shubak Al Amal' (Window of Hope) was written exclusively for Toys With Wings by the Lebanese poet and journalist Zahi Wahbe and sang by the Jordanian artist Hind Hamed. The song was composed by Akram Adel, and arranged by Ayham Al Homsi, Mo Faisal & International entertainment executive Jojo Brim who flew from the States specially for the occasion.
We thank everyone for their generosity and for contributing to the success of this very special gathering.


Singer Balqees and Al Arabiya presenter Mahira AbdelAziz Visit Yemeni Camps in Djibouti

  • Djibouti Djibouti
  • 12 July 2015
  • 1000 Toys
  • Djibouti

Yemeni singer Balqees and TV presenter Mahira AbdelAziz have embarked on a journey, along with a crew from Alarabiya TV to visit the Yemeni refugee camp in Djibouti, shed light on their harsh conditions and start a mission to support them. We were proud to be part of their trip where they distributed toys to the kids that were collected at MBC group premises during Ramadan 2015.

Over 20,000 Shoeboxes Full of Eid Gifts were Sent to Syria from Great Britain

  • United Kingdom United Kingdom
  • 01 July 2015
  • 20000 Toys
  • London

Our campaign in London has been able to collect over 20,000 toys in partnership with Shoe4Syria to deliver toys for the children in Syria.
Thanks to our amazing team in London for making the impossible possible and for collecting toys in a record time to reach the children in Syria in Eid day.

Children Lead a Toy Donation Campaign in Ireland

  • Ireland Ireland
  • 24 June 2015
  • 1000 Toys
  • Dublin

Nothing beats to see a kid involved in helping another kid in need. Children from different nationalities participated at the weekly market in the Irish capital Dublin to display their old toys and give them to the needy ones.
We are very proud of them all!

World Refugee Day with UNHCR in Jordan

  • Jordan Jordan
  • 21 June 2015
  • 3000 Toys
  • Amman

There is no better way to recognize the World Refugee Day than distributing toys to the refugees.
We have joined forces with UNHCR in Jordan to organize a full day of fun activities for the refugees from Syria, Palestine, Sudan and Somalia.

According to UNHCR there are nearly 21.3 million refugee children around the world.

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